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Energy Healing for People

Are you ready to transform your life by healing your issues? Are you ready to let go of negative emotions, restrictive beliefs, damaging patterns, painful, fearful thoughts, discomforts, and anything else that's holding you back from being your most expansive, joyful self?


My healing sessions are gentle, deep and powerful, allowing you to let go of what's not in harmony with your soul's essence and to facilitate healing on the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual levels. You'll quickly begin to rediscover who you were always meant to be.

All sessions are conducted remotely (ie by phone or text), making it super easy for you to relax wherever you are and receive a healing. 

Intuitive Healing Sessions

During an Intuitive Healing session, I intuitively/psychically “read” your energy and share insights with you as I heal whatever shows up to be released from this life or another. You can participate with me as much as you want, (ie asking questions, doing guided visualizations & using intuitive healing tools which I'll teach you) or you can simply relax and receive.  

Check-in Energy Healing Sessions

For those times when you need a series of healings for yourself or a loved one. For instance, when someone is ill or injured, under tremendous stress, working through an issue, or wants to keep their energy field balanced on a consistent basis. 

See booking page for more details.

Quantum Crystalline Energy Healing Sessions

A Quantum Crystalline Energy (QCE) Healing Session is a bit longer and more passive than an Intuitive Healing session. In QCE, you lay down in a comfy spot and receive the flow of energy & information. The energy has a clean, high vibration, allowing you to enter more deeply into a sacred space, tapping right into your soul's essence and its source. It often feels like a huge upgrade to your well-being on all levels!

Custom Sessions

When other needs arise, such as needing to cleanse your home, office, or barn of negative energies (yes, I can do this remotely!), feel free to reach out and arrange something with me. 

Lavender Fields

All sessions are conducted remotely by phone 

Susan K.

"The sessions are well worth the time and money! I'm finding that these sessions help me to address the root of many issues which, if left unaddressed, would negatively affect my health and well-being. I have found that it helps me focus and relax. It’s an amazing experience. You are a gifted healer!"

Still have questions? Book a FREE 15 minute phone chat to discuss how I can help you.

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