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Energy Healing for Animals

Animal Healing Sessions 

These energy healing sessions are super powerful, helping your animal release physical & emotional blockages almost instantaneously. 

Because energy healing sessions are so vital, I've made them super convenient for you and your animals. I do the healing work remotely (that is, on my own, intuitively/psychically) and call you during the last 10 minutes or so of the session to share what transpired. You don't have to travel, leave work, or even be in the same room with your animal. It's that easy! 

Check-in Animal Healing Sessions

Add Animal Communication to your session!

Called a Whole Health Session, it's the most powerful session to help your animals make positive changes quickly. The first half of the session is animal communication where we hear from and discuss what your animal wants, needs, and feels. The second half is energy healing where I help your animal release emotional or physical blockages and move toward a happier, healthier life.

For those times when you need a series of healings for your animal. For instance, when your animal has an illness, injury or is near the end of their life, when animals are having trouble getting along, when there's a deep emotional issue or trauma they're working on releasing, or you just want to support their physical & emotional well-being before any problems arise. 

See booking page for more details.

Lavender Fields

All sessions are conducted remotely by phone 

Jeanne B.

"I can’t even believe the change myself! I was at my wits end with Zoey, but her appetite has returned, and she is back to herself. I am just so relieved & grateful. I can’t tell you how much so ❤️ Please share so you can help so many animals with your work! Zoey & I send our ❤️ to you! 🥰."

Still have questions? Book a FREE 15 minute phone chat to discuss how I can help you.

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