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Image by Jamie Street
Beginning Animal Communication

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If you’ve ever wanted to speak to the animals and hear them speak back clearly to you, this is the class you'll want to take! You’ll learn how to communicate intuitively through a series of easy techniques that we’ll practice together in a fun, relaxed setting. You’ll discover your primary way of hearing an animal’s voice, discern if you're receiving information accurately (hint: all of my students do!!), and begin developing your listening skills by speaking with your animals and mine.

​This class is for anyone who cares for animals in their homes, at work or through volunteering, and wants to be able to help them through any situation. 

What makes this class different from other online animal communication classes? 

  • All classes are live and "in-person" on zoom. There are NO pre-recorded videos

  • You get to study and practice with people from around the world. 

  • This is NOT a six-week or more series, because it isn't necessary. You CAN and WILL learn the skills you need to speak with animals in the very first class! We all have the innate ability to communicate intuitively, and I'll show you how to tap into it easily and quickly.

  • You get me! :)  I LOVE to teach and cheer my students on as they learn. Even after the class is over, I'll still be available to guide you and encourage you.

Pre-requisites: a love of animals, an open heart and an open mind. No prior experience is necessary.


  • I'll teach you 2 tools for clearing your energy field before and after each animal communication session. These skills are crucial for maintaining a healthy, vital energy field when working with others.

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