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Image by Jeremy Bishop
Fundamentals of Intuitive Healing - Part 1

*New dates will be announced soon! 

This is series of (4) one-hour classes

Classes will be audio recorded. If you can’t attend the live class, you can still register and participate. All participants will receive the audio recording after class. Registration is $385

Learn the fundamentals of intuitive healing!

You are energy.

You are naturally intuitive.

You have the innate ability to do everything I can do as an intuitive healer - and more.  

In this class, I'll show you how to use your own healing abilities and intuition to transform your energy, emotions, and life - yes, life! You'll be more grounded, centered, calm, vibrant, open, and aware once you learn to work with your own life force energy. No one will be able to "zap your energy" or knock you off course when you're fully in charge of your own energy. 

Each class will begin with an energy healing visualization/meditation to clear, strengthen, and recharge your energy field. You'll learn how to do this on your own and you'll also have the recording to guide you whenever you want. From there, we'll start building your bag of intuitive healing tools through experiential exercises, making sure you have confidence using each one. In no time at all, these tools will become second nature for you and you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

Everything you learn here can be used to heal yourself, others, animals, nature, and even the world. These fundamental tools are invaluable and life changing. I hope you'll see for yourself!​

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Open to adults and mature youths.

Topics covered may include:

  • Grounding your energy and letting the earth support you in an exchange of energy

  • Running and balancing the energy of the earth and cosmos as it moves through you

  • Protecting your energy from attacks and leaks

  • Replenishing and recharging your life force energy

  • Using psychic roses to clean out your space and change an energy

  • Using colors to reset your energy field

  • The importance of neutrality and how to set your crown chakra

  • Making separations to properly disconnect from others' energies

  • Working with your sovereignty and creating solid boundaries in your energetic space

  • Using mock-ups to co-create (or manifest) something you want

  • Clearing energy in your room, home, office, car, etc.

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