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Jack Russel
Animal Communication

Animal Communication Sessions

Have a real, live discussion with your animals! My intuitive abilities will help you understand your animals' throughts and feelings, and provide you with insights that can improve your lives.

Depending on the amount of questions you have, we can usually speak with 2 animals comfortably in the 30 minute session. You can add additional time and animals to the session when you book your appointment. 

Emergency Animal Communication Sessions

For those times when you have an emergent need to speak with your animals or need a session outside of my normal office hours.

Please contact me first to make sure I can be available as they may not be listed on my booking calendar. 

Check-in Animal Communication Sessions

For those times when you need a series of mini communication sessions with an animal. For instance, when you're on vacation, when there are big changes in the home, when your animal has an illness, injury or is near the end of their life, or you just want to check in with them regularly. 

 See booking page for more details.

Add Energy Healing to your session!

Called a Whole Health Session, it's the most powerful session to help your animals make positive changes quickly. The first half of the session is animal communication where we hear from and discuss what your animal wants, needs, and feels. The second half is energy healing where I help your animal release emotional or physical blockages and move toward a happier, healthier life.

Lavender Fields

All sessions are conducted remotely by phone 

Annette R

"I was so impressed by your work and very shocked that everything you said was spot on and fit Pink quite well. I’ll be honest and say that I was skeptical about animal communicators at first, but after one phone call I believe they are real and can do amazing things. There wasn’t one thing you said that didn’t sound accurate to my horse. I will be sure to do more sessions with you in the future not only communicating but healing as well. Thank you!"

Still have questions? Book a FREE 15 minute phone chat to discuss how I can help you.

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