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Fundamentals of Intuitive Healing - Part 2

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This is series of (4) 1.5-hour classes

Classes will be audio recorded. If you can’t attend the live class, you can still register and participate. All participants will receive the audio recording after class. Registration is $525

Learn to read energy and work with your healing guides!

Once you've completed Fundamentals of Intuitive Healing Part 1, you'll be ready to learn how to read energy and meet your healing guides!

Each class will begin with an energy healing visualization/meditation to clear, strengthen, and recharge your energy field. From there, we'll continue building your bag of intuitive healing tools through experiential exercises, making sure you have confidence using each one. You'll do readings on your classmates each time too!

In Fundamentals of Intuitive Healing part 2, you'll learn to read energy by accessing and making sense of the information contained in energy. I'll also introduce you to some of your personal healing guides who are waiting to work with you. You'll learn who they are, how to communicate with them, and how to get support and healing from your guides whenever you need.

Everything you learn here can be used to heal yourself, others, animals, nature, and even the world. These skills will change your life for the better!

The pre-requisite for this class is Fundamentals 1. Also, this class is for adults only. (If there's enough interest for a youth/teen class, I'll happily create an additional class.) 

Topics covered may include:

  • Psychically reading and understanding energy

  • Meeting and working with your Guide

  • Meeting and working with your Healing Master

  • Repairing your aura from damage and cords

  • Clearing out matching pictures

  • Healing yourself

  • Healing someone else 

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