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Image by Jeremy Bishop
Essential Energy Protection for Healers
(and everyone!)

This is 90-minute pre-recorded class on Zoom


Learn how to keep your client's energy out of yours and how to stay in the highest energy of neutrality in order to help them heal. 

I'll share all of my best tools and protocols that you can easily and quickly do for yourself before and after each client session.

These tools are a must-have for ANYONE who works with people or animals and feels drained, ill, or just not themselves afterwards. With these tools, you'll be able to feel energized and uplifted instead!

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary*

Topics covered include:

  • How to ground & run your energy

  • How to set your energy field to work for you

  • How to energetically set up your work space for you & your client

  • How to be in the energy of neutrality (& stay in it) during a session

  • How to set your vibration to stay out of your client's space​

  • How to disconnect & clear your client's energy from your own

  • How to reset your energy after a session

*While not a pre-requisite, I highly recommend you also purchase my meditation Grounding and Running Your Energy so you can familiarize yourself with this foundational technique that you'll use daily as part of your essential energy protection routine. It will change your energy &your life!

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