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Intuitive Healer & Animal Communicator

Hello & Welcome!

If you're looking to change the lives of your beloved animals, yourself, or both, then you've come to the right place! I help people & animals all over the world transform their lives and live more radiantly.

For more than I decade I've been using my intuitive  abilities to help people & animals unleash their hidden potential, heal emotional & physical pain, and reconnect to their soul's essence. Working at the soul level, clients often start to experience more joy, peace, vitality, purpose, and a deeper connection to their soul almost instantaneously.  ​

One of the great things about the metaphysical/energy world is that you don't have to understand it or even believe in what I do to get the benefits of a session together. Another great thing is that we don't have to be in the same location for us to work together. Since energy transcends time and space, I can tune into my client's energy wherever they are and do a reading or healing. So why wait any longer? Reach out to me today to start your journey to a more fulfilling life!

Hugs & Love,


PS For those who are curious, I hold certifications in Animal Communication, Intuitive Healing & Spiritual Leadership, Quantum Crystalline Energy Healing, and Touch for Health. I also continue to learn daily from my trusted team of healing guides and from my clients & pets who are magnificent teachers on this journey.

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Image by Ranurte

"From the first healing session, our three dogs' energy was calmer and seemed more in balance. Recovery from thunderstorms was much faster and they were less nervous when we left them. After the second session, we added in essential oils and continue to use these for storms and when we leave. The combination of the energy healing and the oils have made a big difference! I recommend you give it a try!"

MJ Hayes

All sessions are conducted by phone or zoom making it incredibly easy & convenient for you!
Three Shelties

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