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Guided Intuitive Healings

Transform your energy with these pre-recorded, guided intuitive healings I've created for you to use anytime, anywhere.


Upon purchasing, you'll immediately receive a downloadable MP3 file to listen to as often as you want. To purchase multiple recordings at one time, you might find it easier to go directly to my Payhip site where you can add as many as you like to your cart and purchase them in one transaction. 

The healings are suitable for all ages and experience levels. 

No prior experience with meditation or energy healing is needed.

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Grounding and Running Your Energy

This is the foundational session for healing to begin. Listen to it daily and often.


Thoroughly wash away anything that's troubling you with this soothing 35-minute guided intuitive healing in grounding and running your energy. The visualizations will help you feel lighter, calmer, and fully restored by the end. 

You can listen to this healing daily to improve how your energy flows through your body and your aura as well as the quality of that energy. 

Resting and Healing Your Body


This 40-minute guided intuitive healing will soothe your body, mind, and spirit, helping you to recover from a physical or emotional illness or stress. Follow along as this loving, gentle energy washes through every cell in your body, providing support and nourishment. 

This is also an excellent daily healing for caregivers who need to replenish their energy and spirit.

gazing ball on beach.jpg
gazing ball on beach.jpg

Accomplishing a Goal 

Breakthrough stagnation, fear, and doubt so you can accomplish any goal you set for yourself.

Use this 22-minute guided intuitive healing before launching a project, studying for an exam, losing weight, playing sports, interviewing for a job....anything at all you have your mind set on doing!

Releasing Grief

Grief can be extremely heavy in the body, making it even more difficult to process the grief and get through the day. If you or someone you love is grieving, this guided intuitive healing will help release the heaviness in the physical body, replacing it with more light and breathing room. It will help bring a sense of calm and peace to the emotional and spiritual bodies as well. 

Listen to this 28 minute guided intuitive healing as often as needed during the grieving process to support your well-being.

gazing ball on beach.jpg
gazing ball on beach.jpg

Manifesting a Romantic Partner / LOVE

This is the guided intuitive healing for anyone looking to attract a loving partner into their lives. 

It will help you release what may be blocking you from having this love in your life and will set your vibration to energetically attract in the person you're dreaming of sharing your life with.


So find a comfy spot and listen to this 28 minute guided intuitive healing to find your loving partner.

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