Full disclosure: The pictures are not the actual animals I worked with, but the words from their humans are REAL!  

"I can’t say enough about our experience working with Ellen for our cat, who has Pica. We’ve had two instances where our kitty (2 yo American Shorthair) has consumed something she shouldn’t which led to vomiting.

The most recent, about a month ago, was pretty bad. Ellen was able to guide us to what would help our girl and she was able to throw up a big ball of what we think was string! The tips about how to help and the constant reassurance made a tense situation so much easier to handle. Ellen is patient and so kind - the insights she has into how your animal is feeling is just amazing!

Don’t wait until you are in an emergency situation. Start working with Ellen now and it may save you heartache in the future!"


- Geula F. 

Listen to an audio testimonial after an animal communication session!

TestimonialMitch W.
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"I was so impressed by your work and very shocked that everything you said was spot on and fit Pink quite well. I’ll be honest and say that I was skeptical about animal communicators at first, but after one phone call I believe they are real and can do amazing things.


There wasn’t one thing you said that didn’t sound accurate to my horse. I will be sure to do more sessions with you in the future not only communicating but healing as well. 


Thank you!"


- Annette R. :)

"I’m really thankful for your session because I feel much closer to the boys now, as if seeing them a little closer to who they truly are… intelligent beings. We seem to understand each other better and I feel as though they understand what we are communicating to them.

They did a pretty good job when they saw a stranger! Only 2 barks and a lot of pulling hahaha but much better than 1,000 barks and going wild.


We’ve also played some recall games with treats that they love and also trained Chip alone and he loved it. He did fantastic and hope to get him even better as we introduce more distractions!


Snow is becoming a little more confident and we let him take the lead when we’re outside but when he tries to go back in, we encourage him to stay out a little longer! He even decided to walk away from the house on his own multiple times without us pushing him.

Chip saw 2 loud dogs today and he didn’t even bark! I praised him a lot! Very proud of him and how well he listens. We also nicknamed him Captain Chip to help support his role as the pack leader for his brothers!"

- Vivian N. - mom to Chip, Snow & Beary

"Ellen is a thoughtful, intentional and knowledgeable practitioner.  She brings her best to the table and is truly dedicated to helping her clients meet their personal goals for wellness and healing."

- Najah S.

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Ellen. I needed assistance on a few concerns and questions I had with my dog that required further clarity. 


Ellen was very thorough and explained her process to me fully before I even committed to our session. She was extremely up front and clear about what I could expect to get from our session together. 


After the session, I was fully satisfied and confident that I had asked for her guidance and help with my dog. I would highly recommend her services. She is patient, knowledgeable and thorough!"


- Linda B.   

"I'm not sure that I can put into words all the changes that I have experienced after my sessions. 


I'm able to sleep again, which is the most obvious physical change, but the spiritual and emotional changes are more difficult to define.


I feel calm and radiant and there are so many positive experiences that have come as a result!"

- Erica L.

"It was a pleasure to have you work with our cats! We can really see a difference in how Tasha and Skipper are behaving!


Tasha has been much more interactive since yesterday. She definitely seems to be braver! Skipper has been more calm and peaceful.


Overall, the energy of the household seems much more in sync. Thanks again :-) 


- Annette W.   

"I had a very positive experience and felt immediate comfort. 


You are a most gentle and compassionate person and you indeed have the capacity to offer strong healing!"

- Amy K.

"I can’t even believe the change myself! I was at my wits end with Zoey, but her appetite has returned, and she is back to herself.


I am just so relieved & grateful. I can’t tell you how much so ❤️ Please share so you can help so many animals with your work! Zoey & I send our ❤️ to you! 🥰"

- Jeanne B.

"The sessions are well worth the time and money! 


I'm finding that these sessions help me to address the root of many issues which, if left unaddressed, would negatively affect my health and well-being. 

I have found that it helps me focus and relax. It’s an amazing experience.


You are a gifted healer!"

- Susan K.

"Contacting Ellen Schaffer and welcoming her into my life, is one of the best things I’ve ever done. 

Every interaction I’ve had with Ellen is a pleasure: be it online Animal Communication classes, the Energy Boundaries class, or a Whole Health Animal Communication / Healing session. 

The beloved animal companions in my care know there’s someone (other than myself) who enjoys communicating with them. Ellen is a special, trusted, person who listens, then helps them express their needs, concerns and joy.  I foresee myself as Ellen Schaffer’s client, fan, and friend for a long time!"

- Tilly A.

"I feel so good! I feel like I can still feel the energy integrating and the little annoyances that have come up with my ___ haven't bothered me nearly as much. I used the "energy force field" tip you gave me too!

Today alone, I've been able to put up a few boundaries and it was really natural. Barely had to think about it! I'm also feeling really energized to step into my power/freedom more!

I'm very excited!!"

- Mallory M.

"I'm amazed!!! Jake seems much more happy and playful than normal. You can see it in his eyes! Also, he went and got on his bed at night with no issue."

- Payton S.

"Hey Ellen! I wanted to let you know that Hazel has seemed much more relaxed since your session! She has been less reactive and hyper vigilant, and more able to rest and chill.

I've noticed that she is not curling up in a tight ball nearly as often. Her back also feels less blocked when I pet her." 

- Maggie M.


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