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1-on-1 Mentoring

Private lessons with Ellen that are tailored to YOUR study interests 

Each mentoring session is one hour on Zoom.

Single sessions are $365.  A series of 6 or more sessions (ie a private class) is $335 per session.

All skill levels welcome!

How many sessions are right for you?


Single: If you're struggling with an aspect of animal communication and/or energy healing, or are having trouble trusting your intuition, a single 1-on-1 lesson with me may be just what you need to get your confidence up! Let my gentle nature and professional guidance get you back on track. 

Series: If you want to learn a new set of skills in animal communication and energy healing that will help you in your line of work, or in life, in general, I'll design a class of 6 or more sessions for you. We'll set a time to talk about your interests, the skills you want to acquire, and how you think you'll use them. Then I'll organize all of the topics into a wonderful, private class experience for you, with each session building on the one before it until you've successfully learned all of the skills you asked for and more.


My approach to your learning will always be holistic, combining animal communication, energy healing, working with clients, best business practices, taking care of yourself and your energy, improving your intuition, or whatever else is needed to give you the most well-rounded education. My goal is for you to be successful, enjoy what you're doing, and be of the utmost service to those around you, using your new skills. 

BONUS: We'll start each session with an intuitive healing for you, shifting out doubt, fear, negative self-talk, and anything else standing in your way so you're in the best possible space for learning and succeeding!  

Use the buttons below to book your single session or schedule a chat with me to discuss a series of private lessons. I'm looking forward to helping you achieve success!

"I worked with Ellen in a mentoring/coaching framework. She was intentional about developing sessions that were tailored to what I was interested in learning...and more! She has a calm, wise presence and is very easy to work with. She is very responsive and genuinely cares about each being (whether human or animal)."

Eva Welch, DVM

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