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Energy Healing Tools

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Young Living Essential Oils

Using essential oils is another method of energy healing for you and your animals. The essential oils are concentrated plant extracts harvested from farm-grown and wild-crafted plants, herbs and trees. They can be used aromatically, topically and, in some cases, internally.


The brand I use is Young Living due to their exceptionally high quality, their Seed-to-Seal guarantee, and their Kosher certification. There are hundreds of different single oils and blends that you can use for aromatherapy, personal care, household solutions and to improve every aspect of daily life. 


It's easy to get hooked on the benefits of essential oils once you discover how they bring wellness to you and your animals by balancing body, mind and spirit! Plus, they smell Divine!

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Crystals are easy to incorporate into your daily life. Whether as pendants for your animal's collar, necklaces and bracelets for you, or individual stones you place in your home, office, car or your animal's water bowl. There are so many ways to use crystals to raise your vibration! Let me show you how.


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