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The crystals in my favorite healing set carry a clean, high vibration, making them excellent healing tools for both people & animals!


Choose a crystal (or a few crystals) that you want to work with.

While holding the crystals, set your intention for what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to feel more calm, choose the crystals you want to work with, hold them in your hand, and set your intention to feel calm. Through your intention, you're activating the crystals to help you achieve your goal by matching that vibration.  

Once your intention is set, you can use the crystals in whatever way feels best to you such as: 

- holding in your hands while you sit quietly

- placing them on your body or under a pillow while laying down

- carrying them in your pocket 

- holding them in your hand as you pet your animal

- placing them on or next to your animal, as close as they will allow (TIP - put the crystals in a safe pouch if you think your animal will try to eat them. They can also wear the pouch.)

However you decide to use the crystals, take some time to focus on your intention. Feel the energy of that intention with every cell in your body and be open to receiving it for yourself (or having it flow to your animal). 

You can use the crystals for a few minutes, meditate with them for 10-20 minutes, or carry them with you all day. Use your intuition as a guide. The energy of the crystals should always feel supportive. 

When you've finished with the crystals, use the Palo Santo smudge stick to clear off the energy they picked up. To do this, light one end of the Palo Santo and let it burn a little, then blow out the flame. There should now be a steady stream of smoke from the smudge stick.  "Smudge" or bathe each crystal with a bit of the smoke which will release the energy the crystal picked up and cleanse it. It's now ready to be used again! 


Every now and then, it's good to recharge your crystals so they can keep doing their healing work for you. To do this, place them outside at night to get re-energized in the moonlight. A full moon is a great time to do this! 

TIP: You can use your Selenite to clean and recharge the other crystals! Place a crystal so that it's touching, or sitting on, the Selenite for 5 or more minutes. It will be cleansed and recharged for you! 

BONUS TIP: Use Selenite to cleanse your energy field (or your animal's). Hold it just above your skin and use it like you would a bar of soap. It will cleanse and purify your field by moving out stagnant energy and bringing in a fresh flow of energy. 



  • calms mind and body

  • clears energy field

  • relieves stress and fear

  • soothes anger & sadness

  • counters addictive behaviors

  • supports prosperity

  • promotes clear thought

  • often used to help with pain


  • calms fears and nerves

  • cools irritation

  • soothes anger and grief

  • helps with self-expression

  • supports understanding

  • promotes balance & courage

  • often used to help with inflammatory diseases


  • cleanses & grounds energies

  • protects energy field

  • relieves anxiety

  • helps curb obsessive behaviors

  • often used to boost the immune system and relieve pain


  • gives courage

  • increases vitality and warmth

  • improves motivation

  • supports leadership

  • aids in depression

  • often used to help metabolism, reproductive & circulation issues


  • improves confidence & self-esteem

  • energizes

  • clears the mind

  • grounds energies

  • balances emotions

  • releases depression & fears

  • often used to help with degenerative diseases, chemical imbalances, blood & digestive issues


(beige w/dots)

  • encourages playfulness

  • promotes joy

  • brings harmony to emotions

  • converts negativity into positive energy

  • grounds energies

  • strengthens family bonds

  • assists with good sleep

  • encourages loyalty in relationships


  • improves confidence

  • promotes optimism

  • calms, balances & soothes emotions

  • attracts luck & abundance

  • attracts love and harmony

  • supports intelligence & creativity

  • often used to help heart and circulatory issues, lungs, skin inflammations and muscles


  • represents universal love

  • promotes trust & harmony

  • opens the heart to love others & self

  • increases compassion

  • facilitates emotional healing

  • supports in trauma & stress

  • often used to help depression, insomnia, mental problems, reproductive & heart issues 



  • cleanses negative energies & thoughts

  • protects energy field

  • quiets the mind

  • balances emotions

  • promotes restful sleep

  • aids mental clarity

  • amplifies, cleans &  charges other crystals

  • often used to reduce pain & soreness


  • protects against negative energies

  • balances & grounds energies

  • supports clear-thinking & problem-solving

  • increases patience

  • supports cooperation

  • relieves stress

  • promotes intuitive knowing

  • often used to counter effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) 


  • top 10 set



  • cleanses & renews your crystals

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