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Floral Card

"Animals are amazing. In watching them over the years I have come to realize that they each have their own personalities, they have likes and dislikes, they have emotions (happy to see you, sad to see you go) and they occasionally have pain and discomfort.  They are in many ways, like we are. What if it were possible to communicate with them? 


Ellen has provided a class that shows the way to tap into their consciousness and have them tell us what they like and what they do not. In doing this we can become more aware of what they need and why they behave the way they do. 


Animal Communication 101 is a class I would highly recommend to anyone who loves animals, anyone who has an animal, or anyone who is considering adopting an animal. 


As a teacher, Ellen is encouraging, insightful, and knowledgeable. She is the perfect guide into the adventure of beginning to communicate with animals. I am looking forward to learning from her the next steps of this wonderful journey of communication. 


5 stars. No reservations." 

- Vicki E.

Floral Card

"Ellen is a gifted teacher - skilled, knowledgeable, personable, thoughtful—truly a pleasure to be with. Ellen’s online classes are stellar, as are the class notes she sends in advance of each class. 


You will easily, quickly, and confidently learn extensive amounts of new, useful, information, with an instructor who shares a calm persona, personal insights, experiences, and gentle humor. 


Ellen is very dedicated to enhancing student’s skills and success, and she welcomes full participation."

- Tilly A.

Floral Card

"I came home after class and immediately put into practice what I learned and had a nice chat with Bentley to let him know about the dental surgery to take place the next day...

To make a long story short, the following morning, I was astounded to watch Bentley go off with the vet tech without so much as a goodbye (of course, it helped that they reassured me he would not be crated during his time there)!!! This from a dog that has behaved with such separation anxiety in the past (in fact, I cannot even leave home without my husband holding him back!).

He handled the whole ordeal and subsequent recovery (still ongoing) so well! I am pleased to report that I feel we have turned a corner with him, and he is behaving more like the good big boy we knew he could be!

I plan to continue to keep up the communication practice with him, as it seems to help and yield more amenable results. :-)

Thanks so much for sharing your insights!"


- Bentley's Mom

Floral Card

"I am very happy with the animal communication class and have used it ever since!"

- Ryan H.

Floral Card

"I enjoyed the class and felt it helped provide me an expanded view of both communication and communing with our animal friends. I would highly recommend it to others than have a desire to bond with animals outside of the physical realm!"

- Jay W.

Floral Card

"I worked with Ellen in a mentoring/coaching framework. She was intentional about developing sessions that were tailored to what I was interested in learning...and more!


She has a calm, wise presence and is very easy to work with.


Ellen is very responsive and genuinely cares about each being (whether human or animal)."

- Eva W.

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